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Tracing the History of the Computer - DECmate I, II, III Computers


DECmate II

DECmate II (1982)

The DECmate I, II, III were all PDP-8 compatible computers introduced by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) at the beginning of the desktop era.

DECmate I

The successor to the WT78, the DECmate I was introduced in 1980. Based on the Harris 6120 microprocessor, it ran at 10 MHz and was housed in a VT100 CRT terminal. It had a duel 8" floppy disk drive (RX02).

DECmate II

The DECmate II was introduced in 1982. Like the Rainbow-100 and Pro-350 (also introduced at that time), it used the excellent LK201 keyboard. It had an RX50 dual 5.25" 400KB floppy disk drive (not the IBM-style 360 KB capacity), and had space for a full-size 5.25" hard disk. Also on-board was a graphics adapter. The processor was the Intersil 6120 microprocessor, and the standard memory was 32 Kwords.

The DECmate-II was used mainly for word processing.


The DECmate III was introduced in 1984, and was an enhanced version of the DECmate II. The standard memory was 64 Kwords.




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