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Tracing the History of the Computer - From Paper to the World Wide Web


For the majority of people, computers did not play a significant role in their daily lives until the mid- to late-1980s, or perhaps even later for some people. Prior to this, people just had loads of paper on their desks at work; now they have loads of paper and one or more laptops or desktop computers. The same is true at home - in my house, for example, there are laptops, iPods, and mobile phones all over the place!

As well as having a major impact on the way that people work, computers, and the software that runs on them, has had a major impact on the way people play. People all over the world can now, via the Internet, play against other in a range of games. Some of these games involve trying to kill each other (not literally, of course) while other games, such as casino games, involve trying to beat other people and win money in the process. Web sites such as enable people to place bets online without ever leaving the comfort of their homes! The casino industry has benefited tremendously from the Internet, making it easy for people all over the world to relax and enjoy the excitement of an online casino.

The World Wide Web has truly transformed the way we live. It would have been hard to imagine in the early 1990s how our lives 20 years later would become so entwined with the Internet. We now play games, work, do our shopping, and find information via the web. If you suddenly lose your Internet connect, either at work or at home, it's a major problem; huge parts of business quite simply ground to a halt if this happens, which, of course, it does from time to time. I find it amazing if I contrast this with the first company in which I worked where we had only one computer in the whole building - and there were over 1000 people in the company (it was a long time ago though, I have to admit). The computer ran a bookkeeping application of some sort, and only one person was authorized to use it - the company accountant.

As time goes by as well, as mentioned above, we are being presented with more and more gadgets and devices that provide us with access to all the online services and information we crave. We can browse the web on a PC, a tablet, a phone, a games console, and so on. How long will it be before we have devices that are so slim that we can fold them away...and lose them no doubt!


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