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History of Computer Articles

The table given below contains links to the various computer history articles contained on this site. Go on, relax and take a trip down memory lane and discover the people, companies, hardware and software that has contributed to the evolution of the computer over the years.

DisplayWrite Amstrad History Ada BRLESC I
History of WPs Apricot Computers PONG ALGOL 58 EDSAC
Interleaf Atari, Inc. Space Invaders ALGOL 60 EDVAC
PageMaker Commodore International Spacewar ALGOL 68 ENIAC
Solidworks MOS Technology Tennis for Two APL ORDVAC
Ventura Publisher Sinclair Research   Assembler PDP-1
WordPerfect Taito   Assembly Language PDP-3
WordStar     BCPL PDP-4
      CLU PDP-5
      Eiffel PDP-6
      Language history PDP-7
      Language timeline  
      Machine Code  
      Web language timeline  
PDP-8 History Acorn Atom Charles Babbage 6502 Microprocessor
PDP-9 Linux Amstrad CPC Grady Booch Abacus
PDP-10 MS-DOS Apricot Basile Bouchon Analytical Engine
PDP-11 MS-DOS Timeline Commodore 64 Jean Baptiste Falcon Curta Mechanical Calculator
PDP-12 OS/2 DECmate Kenneth Iverson Difference Engine
PDP-14 Windows 3.1 IBM Displaywriter Ivar Jacobson GEM
PDP-15   IBM PC Joseph Marie Jacquard History of Computers
PDP-16   Macintosh Rasmus Lerdorf History of Microprocessors
PDP Timeline   Sinclair ZX80 Ada Lovelace History of Sound Cards
    Sinclair ZX81 Toshihiro Nishikado History of the Floppy Disk
    Sinclair ZX Spectrum Chuck Peddle History of the Hard Disk
    Unisys ICON James Rumbaugh Hollerith Card
      Steve Russell ISA
      Wilhelm Schickard Paper to Online
      Clive Sinclair Pascalina Mechanical Calculator
      George Stibitz Punch Card
      Alan Sugar Slide Rule
      Jack Tramiel Slots
        Tally Stick

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